Homeschooling Explained

As mentioned before there is a wide choice available to Homeschoolers in South Africa.

Step one is choosing your curriculum ( Those are the options below in green) For instance CAPS is used in South African Government schools and is the most popular option with Homeschoolers.

Step two is choosing your curriculum provider (the people who are going to supply the books or system your child is going to use). Those are the options in grey below. We suggest Think Digital Academy for the many benefits to the students, parents, and ourselves in helping students achieve outstanding academic results in following a CAPS curriculum.

If you want to use an IEB curriculum we suggest Praxis school where your child can interact with a qualified teacher at our premises.

Step three is deciding whether you are going to do it yourself at home with your child or whether you are going to make use of a Tutor Center to assist. At St Ronald's Homeschool Tutor Center in Brackenhurst Alberton, we have the experience and the passion to help your child achieve their best in a safe and caring environment.

Homeschooling in South Africa