At St Ronalds Homeschool Tutor Center we assist with CAPS, IEB, Cambridge, and GED.

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Online School

With online school, we are talking about a scheduled school day with qualified teachers presenting interactive classes online.

We have two options available IEB at R 3,600 pm and CAPS at R 4,200 p/m

Digital Curriclum

Think Digital Academy, is a virtual school (no live teachers) that prides itself in providing world-class learning to students. They present online content in an interactive, engaging, and effective way for virtual school students.

Think Digital Academy (TDA) is also the first online school not only providing the United States GED but also the British International and South African CAPS curricula, as well as other exciting courses.


The Independent Examinations Board, or IEB, is a South African independent assessment agency that offers examinations for various client schools, mostly private schools. It is most prominent in setting examinations for the school-leaving National Senior Certificate, or NSC for its client schools. IEB can be called an enhanced CAPS curriculum and is viewed in high regard by local and international universities


The National Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) is a policy document introduced by the Department of Basic Education in SA, for your local Government School,  for all the subjects listed in the National Curriculum Statement for Grades R - 12

What is the purpose of caps?

CAPS gives teachers guidelines of what to teach and assessed on a grade –by- grade and subject-by- subject basis. 


What is Cambridge or also known as the British International Curriculum?

The British International curriculum is based on the world’s most widely-recognized British system of learning and assessment, boasting more than 160 years of expertise. It is a highly-regarded and accredited primary and secondary school program that allows a seamless integration with national curricula worldwide.

American GED

Passing the GED exam will earn you an American state high school diploma and recognition that you have a high school level of education. 

It is possible to study for a degree at Boston in South Africa with a GED.

GED is recognized and accepted by nearly all U.S. colleges, employers, and universities.  There are more than 20 million GED graduates around the world.  You would normally do a GED in the place of GR 11 and 12 and need to be 17 before you can write the exam