St Ronalds

We are a Homeschool Tutor Center based at 11 Vermooten street in Brackenhurst Alberton.

We assist parents and students with their Homeschool Curriculum,

We assist with CAPS, IEB, Cambridge, and GED.

Some of the popular Curriculum Providers we assist with are Impaq, Think Digital Academy, Teneo School, Praxis School, Cambrilearn, Mos Wereldwyd, Brainline, and various GED providers

For parents and students interested in a structured daily schedule and interacting with qualified South African teachers and co-students online, we have negotiated you an awesome deal.

Here are some details of the online school that offers an

IEB Curriculum for GR 7 to Gr 11

  • All lessons are live with a structured timetable, from 7:45 am – 14:15 pm.

  • Full interaction with subject teachers and facilitators.

  • Afternoon revision lessons uploaded and available.

  • A maximum of fifteen students per class.

  • University guidance sessions with students and parents in preparation for students’ careers.

  • Termly academic records are issued to each student.

  • Access Points at any nearby campus, with access to WIFI, supervision, and fun student facilities.

  • Scheduled tasks, formal assessments, school-based assessments, and practical assessment tasks.

  • Access to and utilization of the Mindspark program.

  • Enroll in the Enhanced Curriculum in partnership with Open Window (enquire for the price of courses).

  • Enroll for the President’s Award. - This is an internationally recognized program that exists to equip persons between the ages of 14-24 to succeed in life and work. This award also counts towards tour resumé as well as points for admission to tertiary institutions. Our enrolled students may enquire with any of the admissions staff for further details and pricing.

  • All required education software licenses.

  • Microsoft office 365, which includes MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Teams, and Outlook.

All of the above could be yours for Gr 7 to Gr 11 At R 4, 950 p/m

Please note we also offer a CAPS online school curriculum at R 4, 750 p/m or a recorded CAPS online school at R 4,100 p/m

Afternoon Light

Homeschool or not?

As a parent there are 4 basic decions to be made regarding Homechooling.

  •  Decide to do it or not.

  • Decide which Curriculum to follow.

  • Decide on a Curriculum Provider.

  • Decide on a Tutor Center.

We can help you with all the information you need to make an informed and knowledgeable decision - call us on 079 223 8347 - Henter Kriel

Our Vision & Values

  • Be Kind

  • Be Respectful

  • Be Responsible

  • Work Hard

  • Have Fun

Do you want your child to have an IEB education?

The Quality of an IEB education in South African is widely acknowledged and something that many parents want for their child but one of the biggest hurdles always had been the cost as IEB is normally only offered at private schools.

All of this changed with our offering of R 4, 950 p/m

Contact us today to finalize your child's registration for 2022 on 079 223 8347 - Henter Kriel