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Congratulations. You  have decided to give your child the best.

In most cases, you will have to register with St Ronalds as well as the Curriculum Provider you have chosen. The registration process with St Ronald's is that we will send you an email with three things to do. There will be two attachments namely the fee agreement s well as a code of conduct. You need to print this out, complete it, and return it back to us. Thirdly in the email, there will be a link. Click on this and it will redirect you to our Centre Online management system where in a couple of minutes you will complete all your and your child's details. Viola, you are done and after receipt of your R 1,000 registration fee, your place is secured with St Ronald's.

Online School

If you have decided to go the IEB route with PRAXIS for Gr 7 to 11 You need to contact us.

We will send you the enrolment agreement to read through, complete, sign, and return to us. Remember there is an R 2,000 registration fee, A R750 assessment fee, and approximately R 2,000 to pay for books and your monthly fees will be R 4,950. Also, take note that your child should have a laptop with Windows 10 installed. If you have chosen Teneo or Mos Wereldwyd as providers for IEB you still have to register with us and online with the provider. Their registration fees differ from those of Praxis mentioned above

Contact us if anything is unclear.

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You have chosen Think Digital Academy

If you have chosen Think Digital, you need to register with us and with them online. Please take note if they ask whether you want a Tutor service say no as they are talking about their own Tutors and since you have already chosen to join us it is an unnecessary expense. Make sure that the date you choose to register will suit you for a debit on that date for future monthly payments. If you are unclear about anything please phone Henter

Cambridge or GED

If you have decided to go the Cambridge or GED route you will also have a dual registration namely with us as well as the curriculum Provider you have chosen. Please phone Henter to assist

Teneo Online School

With Teneo you also need to register with us and on their website. Please make sure you choose the right option with them as they have two options for CAPS plus IEB and Cambridge.

If anything is unclear please phone us to assist

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