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Homeschool options with St Ronalds

The different options available to Homeschoolers have grown tremendously in the last 5 years.

Options include live teacher sessions, recorded teacher sessions, interactive digital sessions and the old favourite namely bookbased linked to online content.

At St Ronalds we are on top of all these developments and are able to advise you of the best possible option that will benefit you and your child the best. We do Gr 1 to Gr 12 and whether you want to do CAPS, IEB, Cambridge or American GED at St Ronalds we can help. We are registered with, and knowledgeable of the content of the top Curriculum providers like Impaq, Think Digital, Teneo, Praxis, Cambrilearn, Elroiacademy and GED. Give us a call today to find out more and to join our dynamic facility where your child is our priority.

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I came to enroll. What must I do?

Congratulations on your decision to give your child the best possible education.

Online School

Welcome to our online school offering where you interact online with qualified teachers at

St Ronalds Tutor Center in Alberton - From

R 4, 950 p/m for IEB and R 4,135 p/m for CAPS

Aanlyn skole is ook beskikbaar in Afrikaans. 

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Curriculum provider options with St Ronalds

If you want a selfpaced homeschool system have a look at the different Homeschool options available at St Ronalds with Impaq, Think Digital, Teneo, Cambrilearn, and GED...


As a homeschool parent, you would normally have 2 parties to pay. The tutoring center(Homeschool) and the curriculum provider(books)


Our fee as a Tutor Center is R 2,590 per month payable until 1 November. We also require a once-off yearly registration/enrolment fee of R 1,000.


The different Curriculum providers have different fees and different payment plans which also differ per grade. Contact us for an exact figure based on your chosen curriculum provider.

Below is the total fee (inclusive of our R2,590 p/m)you would pay per month if you make use of Think Digital Academy as a curriculum provider -

R 3,450  p/m for a Gr 1 - 3

R 3,850 p/m for Gr 4 -6,

R 4, 220  for a Gr 7 - 9,

R4,700 pm for a GR 10.

R 4, 725  for a Gr 11.

R 4,725  for a Gr 12 excluding the Gr 12 SACAI fees.

Please take note that Think Digitals fee is paid over six months which means that from around July your fee will only be our R 2,590 per month until 1 November.

Please contact us for the fee structure of the other Curriculum providers r alternatively you can find it on their websites.

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Aftercare at St Ronalds

At St Ronald's Alberton we realize that not all of our Homeschool students are able to go home in the afternoon.


We operate an aftercare facility and study center for Gr 1 to 12 on-site under the name of Brackenkidz Academy and offer aftercare to our Homeschool students at a massive 35 % reduced fee.

All the options simplified

With so many options available  it is easy to get confused. 

This is what we would like you to do -

We promote Think Digital Academy as our preferred selfpaced CAPS provider and Teneo school as our Online CAPS school. For IEB we prefer Praxis School who offers amazing value for money. We suggest Cambrilearn for Cambridge.

Visit us at our premises where we can answer all your questions and assist you in making your final decision. 

Phone Henter Kriel on 079 223 8347 for an appointment.

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I have made my decision and would like to enroll my child.
What must I do?


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A Day at St Ronalds

A typical day at St Ronalds Homeschool is as follows:

  • We open at 6 am for parents that need to drop off kids early to go to work.

  • Our academic program starts at 8 am.  Please note you are allowed to bring your child at any time that suits you taking their academic progress into consideration.

  • We have two 20 minute breaks during the morning.

  • Our academic program ends at 12.30 for most of the students excluding the Tenoe and Praxis students who somedays continue with live classes until around 2 pm 

  • Students are welcome to join our aftercare/study program on site that includes, lunch, snacks,and homework assistance. The aftercare close at 6 pm.


We do everything to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of our students and employees.