You may have considered doing Homeschooling in the past but is finally ready to make the move to Homeschooling but need answers to the following questions:

How much will it cost? – The good news is that you will receive a 20% discount on your books given the fact that you only enroll for terms 3 and 4 and you could pay this off over 6 months. An example of the monthly price for books for a grade 1 to 3 is R 600p/m and for a Gr 4-6 is R 910 and Gr 7-9 is R 1,200 p/m. Further to the book fee, you need to pay us as the Tutor Center and our monthly fee is R 2,450 p/m for the rest of 2021 with an initial registration fee of R 1,000 which you can pay off over 4 months.

Will my child be able to go back to a government school? – Definitely yes. Your child will be following a normal CAPS-aligned curriculum as prescribed by the Dept. of Education and will get his term 3 and 4 Reports as normal and therefore would be able to go back to a Government school if you wish.

What do I need to do to get the process rolling? – Make an appointment with Henter Kriel 074 288 8527, to view our premises (with your child) and to answer all your questions. Thereafter register and pay for your books, register with us, and bring your Child as soon as possible