Dear Parent

The Coronavirus as a worldwide pandemic creates an unknown world for all of us with our priority being in safeguarding the health and lives of ourselves and our children but also in trying to carry on in making a living and educating our children.

Ensuring the education of our children in these troubled times stay one of the main focuses of all parents and I am convinced that as Homeschool parents we have a benefit above the normal system with the main one being the small size of the industry and the fact that we can react and adapt much easier than a government system.

Given all that is happening around us, there are certain givens that we have to work around and the main one, of course, is the fact that your child may not attend any kind of school or similar facility.

I am suggesting that we carry on as we would have before Corona regarding school terms meaning that your child commences with their studies Tuesday 31 March 2020 at 08h00 with the only difference being that they will be at home and interact with me in a “Virtual” classroom environment

In order for this approach to work, your child would need all their textbooks with them as well as enough data or an internet connection available for their phone, tablet or laptop. Also, a dedicated place where they can sit and work at a desk or table (not lying on their bed in their room busy with music and Instagram) as well as the normal pens and exam pads.

We will follow the normal daily roster/time table to ensure that we cover each subject as required – I will Whatsapp your child daily regarding what work (pages) need to be covered by him/her in the allocated time. 

To ensure that your child actually does cover the work, he or she MUST follow the following process on a daily basis

  • make notes/summaries of the work covered in the lesson. 
  • send these notes as a PDF file to me via the Camscan app, to check that they understand and actually did do the work, after the period. 
  • Grade 8 and above already do have the app and most of them are familiar in the use thereof – we will advise the lower grades of the app.
  • These notes need to be filed in a  Lever arch file dated and per subject – they can use these to study for tests and exams later on.

I will phone your child whenever he needs assistance – they can send me a please call me or a WhatsApp to phone them on 074 288 8527

Additional interventions that will be put in place will be as follows.

  • Your child will be required to do Maths and English every afternoon on our extra lesson website IXL. The costs of this will be carried by us. They can download the app and do it on their phones or online on a computer or laptop. Some of them already do have the IXL app installed on their phones.
  • They will be required to watch the assigned subject matter on YOUTUBE or Vodacom E-School I sent them ( This will mainly be an afternoon homework activity)
  • I will be sending you the details of free screen time monitoring apps that you, as the parent, can use to see what websites/apps your child used during the day. This may sound intrusive to some students, or you as a parent, but is mainly to be used to ensure that they actually do study during the day and do not spend HOURS on non-study activities and apps. You DONT HAVE TO make use of this.
  • I will send them a short test/quiz every Friday for every subject to test them on the week’s work and convey the results thereof to you.
  • I will send you as a parent a WhatsApp or call you if your child is not studying or working according to the system.
  • It would be appreciated if you could discuss and share the contents of this email with your child and stress the fact that they also need to be responsible and dedicated in these troubled times.

I am 100 percent sure that in this way we will ensure that your child’s education stays a priority and that they will reap the benefit of their and our efforts.

Most of these actions will only be applicable to the higher grades and we will put a different strategy in place for the little ones which I will communicate to the parents as soon as possible.

Please contact me if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions via email, WhatsApp or phone me on 074 288 8527.


Henter Kriel