Are you worried about the health and safety of your children and would you rather have your child schooled at home?

Lots of parents would prefer their children to be schooled in the safety of their own home and some parents have already made the decision to keep their children out of school even before the COVID 19 pandemic but all of them have a need for their children to excel with their schooling

That is where homeschooling can help your child to carry on with their school career in the safety of your home.

One of the big challenges for parents is the role of a teacher for your child. Parents usually don’t have the time or don’t want to be a full-time teacher to their children and we as Tutors are able to help you and your child.

It is a proven fact that very few students are able to work on their own and that is where we assist them with their work in the same way that a normal teacher would. Via a dedicated video link, we will be able to see your child busy with his work and they will also be able to see us as well as their ”classmates”.

This will ensure that your child is actually doing his/her work and that there is a tutor available within earshot to ask for assistance. The additional benefit is that by seeing and actually being able to interact with his classmates it will ensure that your child will not feel alone and left without assistance and interaction with his/her peers.

For more information please free to contact Henter Kriel on 074 288 8527 or send him an SMS or Whatsapp to call you.

Frequently asked questions:

How are you in contact with my child? With the online platform Zoom we will be able to view and speak to your child. Your child will also be able to see and talk to us and their classmates. This will mean that your child will be under constant supervision with regard to his schoolwork. If need be we can schedule a Zoom meeting with you and your child so that you can see how it will work.

What Grade must my child be in? We are able to assist Grade 1* to Grade 12 students online. For Gr 1 and 2 we suggest that there is a responsible person at your home that could assist with some of the activities. The reason for this is that we have found that the lower grades still need more individual personal attention.

What are the fees?

Below is an indication of the TOTAL monthly fees for the different grades.

Grade R and Gr 1 will be an all-in price of R 2,978.25 per month. There is an initial first payment to the curriculum provider of R 1, 434.75. 

Grade 2 and 3 will be an all-in price of R 3,137.5 per month. There is an initial first payment to the curriculum provider of R 1062.5

Grade 4 to 6 will be an all-in price of R 3, 475 per month. There is an initial first payment to the curriculum provider of R 1,625.00

Grade 7 to 9 will be an all-in price of R 3,775 per month. There is an initial first payment to the curriculum provider of R 2,125.00

Grade 10 to 12 is R 3,850 per month. However, there are additional exam fees for Gr. 12 being Final Matric exam fees payable to the Examination Body. The total is approx. R 9,000.

Monthly fees are subject to change as the curriculum providers’ offerings could change. Please discuss the fees with us and get a final quote from the curriculum provider.

What Internet do I need? You do need a high-speed internet line with unlimited data. If you do not have it we suggest you make use of Rain that will give you unlimited high-speed internet at only R 250 per month. Have a look at their website for details.

Are you a School? We are NOT a school but a Tutor center assisting parents to educate their children via a Homeschool curriculum provider.

What standard of Education does my child get? The Curriculum provider we suggest makes use of a CAPS  based curriculum which is a national policy set out by the South African Department of Education that states what should be included in the curricula of schools for each grade and how it will be tested/assessed. This means that should your child wish at any stage to go to a normal mainstream school they will be able to do so because the standard of schooling is on the same level.

Do you offer Cambridge – Yes we are able to assist with the Cambridge curriculum

What is my first step? As a parent, you need to decide on the curriculum(book) provider. For the online tutoring at your home, we suggest Think Digital College. This will mean that your child also needs a laptop or Chrome book as well as a smartphone.

I would like to proceed -what now?

  • You need the following for your child – a laptop, mouse, and earphones, Reliable unlimited high-speed internet.
  • Register your child on the Think Digital College website Only up to grade 9. Please discuss Gr 10 to 12 with us.
  • Register your child with us by sending us a mail at We will send you an email link to complete your details on our management system and return the required documents to us.
  • After payment is received by the different parties you will be live on their system and we will link up with your child to assist him in the working and navigating of the various systems.
  • Your child will be able to be up and running in a couple of days and we will continue with the tutoring and assistance to ensure your child excel in his grade and you and your child will be free from the restraints of mainstream school.

If you would like us to call you please leave your details below.