The fees mentioned below are for 2021. Please contact us on 074 288 8527 with any questions.

We make use of Impaq, Think Digital, Teneo, and Cambrilearn as curriculum providers. 

Additional to our Tutor fees is the fee payable by the Parents directly to the curriculum provider for books or access to their system.

We make use of the three Curriculum providers mentioned above as South African CAPS aligned providers and Cambrilearn and Think Digital for Cambridge.

Our Monthly fee differs depending on the Curriculum Provider being used. Below are our monthly fees payable by you –

If you make use of Impaq, Think Digital Academy, and Cambrilearn our fees as a Tutor center is R 2,450 per month payable until 1 November. No fee is charged by us for December if you make use of Impaq or Think Digital.

If you make use of Teneo school our fee is R 1,990 per month until 1 December. A fee is charged for December by us if you make use of these providers.

We require an R 1,000 registration fee additional to any other fee’s charged

BELOW IS AN INDICATION OF THE TOTAL MONTHLY FEES PAYABLE BY YOU. These fees are for Think Digital Academy only. Contact us for the fees for any other Curriculum Provider

Grade 1 to 3 will be R 600 for Think Digital and R 2,450 for us – A total of R 3,050 per month. *

Grade 4 to 6 will be R 910 for Think Digital and R 2,450 for us – A total of R 3,360 per month..

Grade 7 to 9 will be R 1,200 for Think Digital and R 2,450 for us – A total of R 3,650 per month.

Contact us on 074 288 8527 regarding fees and registrations for Gr 10 to Gr 12.

Monthly fees are subject to change as the curriculum providers’ offerings could change. Please discuss the fees with us and get a final quote from the curriculum provider.

We offer an aftercare and study facility on site at a reduced fee of R 850 per month.

Contact us for an interview to discuss how we can assist you in the Homeschooling of your child – 074 288 8527 – Henter Kriel.

Please take note that we are not a school but a Tutor Center.

Ours is an exclusive offering with a limited number of students accepted to ensure that your child gets the best individual attention possible to ensure that he/she will excel academically.